Three‘s a Crime: A True Crime Podcast


May 08, 2022 Three‘s a Crime: A True Crime Podcast
Three‘s a Crime: A True Crime Podcast
Show Notes

Welcome, Weirdlings!

Welcome to Three’s a Crime, a True Crime Podcast! Based out of the Pacific Northwest. Your hosts are three hilarious ladies, Emily, Lindsey, and Tori. Each host is full of sass with different funny personalities that complement each other. We love True Crime and have found that we love researching our topics very thoroughly.

We love giving you all the nitty-gritty details of your favorite True Crime cases. And one of the best parts is that two of the three podcasters are hearing the story for the very first time, on-air, with YOU!

Get ready to laugh and engage in the banter. It's what we do with our weirdlings! Being from the PNW, we have a passion for our local crimes, but we also cover disappearances and unsolved crimes from all over the world, recount the true stories behind some of the creepiest movies, and just in case you didn’t pay attention in school, we also cover Historical Crimes!

Our goal is to give you the finest, funniest, best we can research at the time, thought-provoking and thinking all the thoughts podcast. We strive to create a loving community that embraces, accepts, and takes care of each other while we talk about our obsession with true crime. 

BTW, these ladies have been known to swear and talk like a character in a Kevin Smith movie. We definitely don't have an NPR vibe here at 3AC.
 We LOVE our Weirdlings! Thank you for your support! -Emily, Lindsey & Tori

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We love our Weirdlings!! Thank you for supporting us ya bunch of freaks.
-Emily, Lindsey and Tori

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